Yada Yada Prayer Group 2.19/2013

The Yada Yada prayer group / by Neta Jackson. (Yada Yada prayer group, party edition ; 1) Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2003.

LCCN 2003010588           ISBN 9781595544391,  paperback, 15.99.

x, 402 p. ; 22 cm.               Adult

Fic           Rating: *5

Women–Illinois–Fiction                 Prayer groups–Fiction.

Additional titles
The Yada Yada prayer group gets real
The Yada Yada prayer group gets down
The Yada Yada prayer group gets tough
The Yada Yada prayer group gets caught
The Yada Yada prayer group gets rolling
The Yada Yada prayer Group gers decked out



Where do I go? / Neta Jackson. (Yada Yada House of Hope novel ; 1) Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008.

LCCN 2008035948           ISBN 9781595545237,  paperback, 15.99.

xiv, 386 p. ; 22 cm.           Adult

Fic           Rating: *5

Shelters for the homeless–Fiction               Chicago (Ill.)–Fiction.

Additional titles
Who do I talk to?
Who do I lean on?
Who is my shelter?



Stand by me / Neta Jackson. (Stand by me ; 1) Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2012.

LCCN 2011048495           ISBN 9781595548641,  paperback, 15.99.

394 p. ; 22 cm.   Adult

Fic           Rating: *5

Married people–Fiction. Financial crises–Fiction.

Additional titles
Come to the table


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