Safe in His Arms / by Colleen Coble. May 7, 2013

Safe in His Arms  / by Colleen Coble. (Under Texas Stars ; 2)

Thomas Nelson (January 29, 2013), ISBN 9781595549143

Adult, rating: 5.  Paperback.

Written by master storyteller Colleen Coble, this romantic suspense novel features a rancher’s daughter, a handsome stranger, and suspicious accidents that threaten her way of life.

In Safe in His Arms, Margaret lives with her father on their Texas ranch. She has been handling all the details of running the ranch, including riding with the hands. Her father surprises Margaret by announcing a handsome stranger, Daniel, is the new foreman. Her father wants her to get married and raise a family, something she had given up years ago. She assumes she will inherit her father’s ranch when he dies, but he informs her that he changed his will and her cousin Lewis will inherit it. Margaret is, of course, taken aback by this news.

But there is more to Daniel than meets the eye. She suspects he is part of a gang of bank robbers when Margaret overhears a conversation. He denies it but he has his own secrets. When her father suffers from two accidents, suspicions start to form in Margaret’s mind. Daniel is attracted to Margaret, but she suspects Daniel is trying to take the ranch away from her. Margaret struggles with her self-image until she is finally able to accept her worth in God’s eyes. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles with guilt over his own past.

Coble is a master at suspense. Just when the reader thinks they have identified the villain, there is a twist in the book’s plot. Excellent storytelling, admirable characters (including a tall, strong woman instead of a petite, dainty one), and faith elements combine to make this a winning novel which includes a reading group guide.

Carol R. Gehringer

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