The World in Your Lunch Box / by Claire Eamer. 6.11.2013

The World in Your Lunch Box / by Claire Eamer.

INT, grades 4 and up, rating: 5. Paperback.

The World in Your Lunch Box by Claire Eamer details the history and science of some everyday foods. The book starts with a Lunch Box Mission. The mission is to keep a lunch diary for a week. From this diary, the book tells fascinating facts about the foods listed for each day. The lunch diary assignment makes ordinary foods seem not so ordinary. There is also a top 10 list of the favorite, fantastic, and fun food facts. For example, who knows that honey is bee’s vomit or that villagers in India use chili peppers to keep elephants away from their crops and homes? Everyone always seems to be curious, or scared to ask, about the ingredients in hot dogs. Day 3 of the lunch diary discusses this mystery meat.

It is interesting to read where some of the common foods originated from and how they played a part in history. For example, a German prisoner of war convinced King Louis XVI that potatoes were very valuable. Around the year 800, Emperor Charlemagne of France was encouraged to eat the mold from cheese by a bishop. The Emperor was so surprised that he enjoyed it, he ordered the bishop to deliver two cartloads of it to the imperial court every year. These are just a few fun facts that this book has to offer.

This book is very well-written and will capture the attention of children. The illustrations are great and humorous. There are also a few jokes sprinkled throughout the book. It makes learning the history and science of foods fun for kids and great for discussions.

Trina Chase

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