Letters to Leo / by Amy Hest. 6.29.2013


INT, grades 4 -6, rating: 5.


Letters to Leo by Amy Hest contains letters that Annie has written to her new dog, Leo. Annie has always wanted a dog, but her father won’t let her have one. Finally, her dad gives in, and they get a dog. Annie is so excited. Annie loves to write, so she keeps a journal which is actually a collection of letters to Leo.  Annie is an only child, and her best friend is moving away, so Leo becomes her best friend. Annie has so many stories to tell Leo about school, her friends, and just everyday things.  One day her teacher tells them about a contest for young city authors. Each person has to write an essay about an idea for a better New York. Annie wants to win the contest so badly. She already knows where she’ll put the trophy. Annie’s idea for a better New York is to remove all the “No Dogs Allowed” signs and allow dogs everywhere!

This book is a very cute story and well-written. The illustrations look like they were drawn by Annie herself. Children will be able to relate to the story because it is about the ideas of a child. The dramas of fourth grade can be amusing–for instance, Annie  finds a book in the library titled You and Your Elderly Parent: Tips for Getting Along and Having Fun. It is cute when she refers to her father as her elderly parent and lists tips on how he needs to try new things. This story shows the friendship and bond between a child and her pet.

Trina Chase, CLJ

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