Galapagos Islands: A Different View / Georgia Purdom, general editor. 3.13.2014

Master Books ISBN 9780890517819
Adult Rating: 3

Galapagos Island: A Different View sets out to disprove Darwin’s worldview and to establish that the Biblical worldview is correct by using the beauty and diversity of the Galapagos Islands as a common reference point. These islands were visited by Darwin nearly one hundred years ago and provided much of the data from which he formed his theories set forth in his Origin of the Species.

Gorgeous photographs are interspersed between Scriptures, charts, and essays by various creation scientists, speakers, and writers, including the editor, Georgia Purdom. Although scientific in nature, the book is not difficult to understand and includes definitions, diagrams, and timelines to clarify many of the technical aspects.

The contributors are from a variety of disciplines, including geophysics, astronomy, cell and developmental biology, geology, veterinary medicine, molecular genetics and theology. Dr. Purdom herself is a molecular geneticist. As a result, Galapagos Islands: a Different View contains a plethora of information about science, nature, and creation and lends itself to extensive consideration and discussion.

Linda Matchett, CLJ

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