Fox Forgets / by Suzanne Bloom. (Goose and Bear) 6.16.2014

Boyds Mills Press ISBN 9781590789964

PRI Preschool-Grade 2 Rating: 3

In Fox Forgets, the fifth title in Suzanne Bloom’s Goose and Bear stories, Goose is packing up her books and preparing to leave on an errand. She charges Fox with the responsibility to tell Bear that she will be right back. But when Bear arrives on the scene Fox is so preoccupied with playing that she forgets to tell Bear. Bear becomes increasingly worried but finally agrees to play a game of checkers with his little friend. Eventually an adorably shame-faced Fox remembers and delivers the message just before Goose returns to Bear’s great delight. In the final illustration it is evident that all is forgiven as the three friends happily embrace, a fitting conclusion to this warm-hearted story.

The rich pastel illustrations admirably convey the characters’ emotions through character placement on the page, body language, and color. The white of Bear’s and Goose’s figures and the fox’s red fur are set against a bright blue background that practically forces them to leap off the page, further engaging young listeners and readers. Although done in picture book format, the sparse text and plot make this a fitting selection for a beginning reader. This delightful book would make a fine addition to any school or public library collection, especially where Suzanne Bloom’s titles are in demand.

Peggy Morgan, CLJ

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