Angels Walking / by Karen Kingsbury (Angels Walking, 1) 9.18.2014

Howard Books ISBN 9781451687477

Adult Rating: 5

Angels Walking, the first book in Karen Kingsbury’s new series about angels working in the lives of people, focuses on three main characters: Tyler Ames, a 24-year-old baseball phenomenon, Samantha Dawson, the girl he loved when he was in high school, and Virginia Hutcheson, a 90-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s living in a nursing home. These three seem to have no connection but become intertwined through the work of angels sent from Heaven on a special mission to save the life of a yet unborn child. The result is a compelling, hard-to-put-down story.

Kingsbury’s characters become real to the reader as she uses dialogue, heartbreak, and suspense to pull the reader into the story. She weaves her storytelling magic with heartfelt emotion when one of the characters is seriously injured, then finds healing through helping another. There are a number of events that seem unbelievable, yet are portrayed as how God works through people. The book culminates with an unexpected turn of events–a wonderful surprise that provides a much-needed miracle.

This is book one in the Angels Walking series. Judging from the epilogue, the next book will be another enthralling tale.

Juanita Wier Nobles, CLJ

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