Frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament / by Eric Larson. 8.5.2015

IVP Books ISBN 9780830836826

Adult Rating: 5

Frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament addresses two issues faced by individuals desiring to study the Bible: navigation and context. The book is divided into two parts. The first discusses the New Testament and Jesus’ ministry as a whole, and includes discussions about the locations of Jesus’ ministry and that of the New Testament writers, a synopsis of Jesus’ life on earth, how and why the books are organized the way they are, and how the New Testament came to be compiled and canonized. The second section reviews the individual books and answers the who, what, where, when and why of each one.

Author Eric Larson writes in a casual, conversational style and supplements his text with photographs, charts, illustrations, maps, and contemporary stories to provide context with which to study the Bible. Wide margins create an appealing, easy-to-read format and give readers plenty of room to make notes. As a survey of the New Testament (rather than an in-depth examination), Frameworks is a good resource for adults and teenagers looking for a solid foundation to understanding the Bible. A companion workbook is available for additional individual or group study.

Linda Matchett, CLJ

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