Through Waters Deep / by Sarah Sundin. 12.11.2015

Revell ISBN 9780800723422

Adult Rating: 5

Through Waters Deep finds America on the brink of WWII. Tensions over whether or not the United States should enter the war flare at the naval shipyard where Mary Stirling is a secretary. When a couple of ships are sabotaged, Mary determines to help discover the culprit. Meanwhile, she runs into classmate Jim Avery, who is from her home town but stationed in Boston. In the countdown to Pearl Harbor, all of Mary’s relationships grow steadily more complex, and her behind-the-scenes investigation endangers her. When Jim sails out of Boston, he also encounters increasingly perilous situations. If their friendship is ever to mature into more, both must encounter some waters deep.

Sarah Sundin weaves intrigue, history, and romance seamlessly together in this exciting work of historical fiction. Both Mary and Jim present complex characters whose friendship prompts them to grow in the Lord and to change in order to honor Him and their friendship better. In addition to the budding, fragile romance, intrigue at the shipyard, tension in the country, and danger at sea all drive the plot quickly. Sundin brings WWII Boston to life, scattering just enough detail to bring authenticity to the story. In doing so, she allows the reader to walk the streets with Mary and her friends as they shop, attend church, and go to the movies. She also provides a glimpse into WWII-era naval tactics. The theme–hoist your sails and see where the Lord takes you–runs like a golden thread through the book, pulling Mary and Jim out of their comfort zones and into the life God has in store for them.

Kristina Wolcott, CLJ