Who Was…? series / by Patricia Brennan Demuth; illustrated by John O’Brien 3.24.2016

Who Was Galileo? / by Patricia Brennan Demuth; illustrated by John O’Brien (Who Was…? series)

Grosset & Dunlap ISBN 9780448479859

Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder? / by Patricia Brennan Demuth; illustrated by Tim Foley O’Brien (Who Was…? series)

Grosset & Dunlap ISBN 9780448467061

Who Is Bill Gates? / by Patricia Brennan Demuth; illustrated by Ted Hammond O’Brien (Who Was…? series)

Grosset & Dunlap ISBN 9780448463322

INT Grades 3-6 Rating 4

In Who Was Galileo?, readers travel back to the 1500s to meet Galileo, the man known today as the father of modern science. With ten concise chapters, this biography covers Galileo’s life from early childhood to final years, exploring his love for science, mathematics, invention, and the heavenly bodies, as well as his radical thinking about the universe that often led him into trouble.

In Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder?, the author helps separate fact from fiction concerning Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author and main character of the Little House on the Prairie series, one of the most beloved historical fiction series of all time. From birth to pioneer life to teaching to old age, this mini-biography explores it all, including some little known facts about Laura’s life and her writing career.

Most people living in the twenty-first century have heard of Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft and once the richest man in the world. Few, however, may know who Bill Gates was before he became famous. In Who Is Bill Gates?, readers will be inspired as they follow the journey of a young boy with a brilliant mind and love for computers who grew to become the richest man in the world and also one of the most generous. A description of Bill’s modern home is an additional feature that is sure to delight.

In these three biographies, a part of the “Who Was…?”series, Patricia Brennan Demuth brings history to life through the stories of two brilliant men and one innovative woman who have left their mark on the world. Written for elementary school-age children, the author uses a narrative style and short chapters, which are broken up with black and white sketches that bring visual life and appeal to the text. World events relevant to the time and person are sprinkled throughout each title in one- to two-page sidebars, depicting the settings and times of the respective eras and adding a broader world scope to the historical events recounted. This fun, inspiring series is a recommended addition to any personal or school library.

Justina McBride, CLJ