The Handy American History Answer Book / by David L. Hudson, Jr., J.D. 3.31.2016

Visible Ink Press ISBN 9781578594719.

HS Grades 10-12 Rating: 5

The Handy American History Answer Book is a supplemental textbook-like tool for students. At the beginning of the book, a complete U.S. history timeline is provided. From there, the book is divided into time periods. Each major U.S. time period is explained thoroughly yet concisely. An additional sports section is included, as well as a music and entertainment portion. Each chapter includes enticing pictures that bring the topics to life. The detailed appendix boasts a states section that gives a brief profile of each state and a section on the presidents. The appendix concludes with the United States Constitution. An index is also provided. Each of these features makes this book thorough and helpful for students.

The detailed information in this Handy Answer Book makes it an ideal supplemental resource for high school and college students. It is helpful for research as well as general reading. The to-the-point writing style makes it both engaging and easily readable. Each topic is presented with a question, such as “Has the Wild West been romanticized in America” (pg. 133)? The information is revealed in answer format. This question-and-answer writing style helps readers feel connected to the content. While this guide is close to being a textbook, the writing style makes it much more interesting than the average textbook. Students and history lovers alike will enjoy this Handy American History Answer Book.

Dani Seilhamer, CLJ