The Queen’s Shadow: A Story About How Animals See / by Cybele Young. 5.4.2016

Kids Can Press ISBN 9781894786607

INT Grades 2-6 Rating: 4

The Queen’s Shadow: A Story About How Animals See incorporates interesting and informative facts about animal sight into an entertaining whodunit story.

On the night of the Queen’s Ball, the Queen’s shadow mysteriously disappears. Mantis Shrimp, the royal detective, takes charge of the investigation and questions each one of the animal guests to ascertain their guilt or innocence. Both marine animals and land animals are included in the story. Young readers will learn brief, enlightening facts, provided in sidebars, about how vision works for the animals when the detective questions them.

The illustrations accompanying the text are a mixture of bright and muted colors and grey tones. The combination of text and artwork not only enhances the understanding of the factual information presented in the book but also adds to the overall enjoyment of the story. A detailed explanation of the structure and function of human vision is provided in an endnote, and there is also an endnote with more in-depth facts about the animals. A glossary is provided to aid in young readers’ understanding of some terminology used in the book.

The Queen’s Shadow uniquely combines science and mystery in a way that will appeal to young readers. Cybele Young is the author and illustrator of this creative and educational book.

Dianne Woodman, CLJ