Seer Series / by Rachelle Dekker. 10.27.2016

Choosing / by Rachelle Dekker. (A Seer Novel, 1)

Tyndale ISBN 9781496402257

HS Grades 8-12 Rating: 4

Calling / by Rachelle Dekker. (A Seer Novel, 2)

Tyndale ISBN 9781496402264

HS Grades 8-12 Rating: 3

Carrington lost everything on the day she wasn’t chosen. Not being picked meant no family, no husband, and no rights. The Council said that the Father chose her instead. The Choosing follows Carrington as she is forced into a life of manual labor and shame. Women around her compound are dying, but the extra guards that should protect the women prey on them instead. A soldier, Remko, saves Carrington, and then a friend leads her to question what society has taught her. When Carrington is given a chance to recover all that she has lost, will she take it or will she choose to learn the truth about her world?

In The Calling, Carrington believes her family has been called to lead the city back to the Father. Remko, who is leading a group of freedom fighters, is uncertain. With more people dying under a new city leader’s rule, friends blame Remko. City police raid their camp, and Remko believes Carrington is captured. Will they be reunited, and will Remko find faith?

Both novels throw the reader right into the action. Carrington and Remko immediately connect to the readers because of their backstories. The second book is slower than the first, but both have balanced pacing. Both stories include a fair amount of torture. The first book touches on physical agony while the second shows brainwashing and brain distortion. Both pains are overcome by faith redeeming the character, though the pain doesn’t disappear.

Although both novels had good story arches and believable characters, the plot was predictable and preachy. The characters’ faith is clearly based on Christianity, though many faith practices have been distorted in the city. Deep topics—such as the meaning of freedom, gender roles, abandoning everything for the Father’s plan, and losing faith—are touched on these novels.

The final book in the Seer trilogy, The Returning, hits the shelves in January 2017.

Rebecca A. Schriner, CLJ