The Typewriter / written and illustrated by Bill Thomson. 10.28.2016

Two Lions ISBN 9781477849750

PRI PS-Grade 3 Rating: 5

Finding an old typewriter leads to a surprising escapade for three children on a winter day. Bill Thomson’s The Typewriter is a nearly wordless picture book similar in format to his earlier Chalk and Fossil.

Typing their wishes transports the children to a warm sunny beach with a giant beach ball and an enormous vat of ice cream. Things soon get a bit out of hand, though a clever solution is just a few key strokes away.

Thomson’s stunning artwork brings the children’s fancies to life; his acrylic and colored pencil drawings are so clear and detailed that they resemble photographs. The lighting and use of shadows are particularly effective and realistic. Readers of all ages will be astonished and amused by the varied perspective and dimension, from overhead views to close-ups, blow-ups, multi-frame, and two-page scenes. The children are multi-ethnic with wondrously emotive expressions that help tell the story.

The audience can interpret The Typewriter as an imagined adventure or an actual magical journey. Either way, the book is rich with visual delights and a fun exploration for young minds.

Nina Ditmar, CLJ