Anna’s Crossing / by Suzanne Woods Fisher. 11.18.2016

Revell ISBN 9780800723194

Adult Rating: 4

Nineteen-year-old Anna König leaves her homeland of Ixheim, Germany for the New World, full of doubt and fear, while simultaneously devising ways she might be able to return home. To ease the ache of leaving, Anna takes with her a single rosebush from her grandmother’s garden, which holds a link to her past and perhaps a promise for her future. Will the struggles that await her and her fellow Amish travelers aboard the Charming Nancy prove too much to bear? Will Anna find her way back home as she so desperately wishes or will she discover that God has a much different plan in store for her?

Bairn, the ship’s carpenter and third in command, is determined that nothing will detour him from pursuing wealth and power. However, when the Amish travelers board his ship, a sense of unease follows him. When he meets the lovely Anna, her gentle convictions and forgiving nature threaten to unearth old memories and feelings he fought to bury long ago. Will he be able to resist the pull on his emotions or will he open his heart to find something much greater than he could have imagined?

In Anna’s Crossing, Suzanne Woods Fisher brings to life through a fictional account the bravery, perseverance, and heart that must have beat within the daring immigrants who left all that was familiar to come to a new land by way of a journey fraught with hardships and losses. Full of adventure, suspense, an air of mystery, and sweet romance, the plot holds all the elements of an engaging story. Themes of renewed faith, love, and new beginnings add an emotionally moving depth. Anna is a character who is easy to love and admire, with her servant-like heart and forgiving nature. Like many who struggle with saying goodbye to the past, Anna learns the valuable lesson that when one chapter closes another one is just beginning. Bairn’s character is a reminder that God’s love and care are never far from His own, even when circumstances seem to indicate otherwise. Overall, this book is an engaging read that will inspire and warm hearts.

Justina McBride, CLJ