Can’t Help Falling / by Kara Isaac. 12.15.2016

Howard Books ISBN 9780501117343

Adult (HS) Rating: 5

Kara Isaac returns with another contemporary romantic comedy, this one featuring an injured British athlete and an American journalist with a shared love of Narnia.

In Can’t Help Falling, Emelia Mason leaves behind her past as a “journalist” at an American tabloid magazine. Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to Oxford, England to reinvent herself, and possibly make atonement for the damage she caused in others’ lives. She accepts a position as a fundraising coordinator at a local charity.

Peter Carlisle is a British rower, one of the best–or he was until he was injured. Now Peter is determined to risk everything to get back on top and to continue chasing his Olympic dreams. Peter and Emelia cross paths and find a shared interest in Narnia (C. S. Lewis). As their relationship develops, the secrets they hide may tear them apart. Will their shared love of Narnia help them overcome the secrets of their past?

Isaac pens a Christian romantic comedy with endearing characters. It is refreshing to find a novel paying homage to English writer, C. S. Lewis. In fact, Peter and Emelia meet in an antique shop with a wardrobe, and Peter’s first question to her is, “Are you a Susan or a Lucy?” Only a Narnia fan would know the difference between the two! The answer to Peter’s question is significant in Emelia’s life, and a turning point for her. The themes of second chances (love and redemption) run throughout the novel. The faith element is light but very present.

Recommended for adult collections in public libraries and school libraries, it is a clean read for adults and older teen readers, as well as for Tolkien fans.

Carol R. Gehringer,