The Nikki Boyd Files series / by Lisa Harris. 1.4.2017

Vendetta / by Lisa Harris. (The Nikki Boyd Files, 1)

Revell ISBN 9780800724177

Missing / by Lisa Harris. (The Nikki Boyd Files, 2)

Revell ISBN 9780800724191

Adult Rating: 4

Lisa Harris has crafted two enthralling suspense novels in The Nikki Boyd Files series. This series follows Detective Nikki Boyd and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s newly formed Missing Persons Task Force.

Fueled by the ten-year-old mystery of her little’s sister’s abduction, Nikki diligently works to solve every case that comes her team’s way. In Vendetta, the first book in the series, Nikki’s day of rock climbing with her friend, Tyler, is interrupted when a 16-year-old girl vanishes while on vacation at a cabin in the woods with her brother and two friends. The next 48 hours have law enforcement scrambling through the Smokey Mountain National Park in search of the missing child. When evidence points to the abductor suspected of kidnapping Nikki’s sister, the case quickly becomes personal for Nikki despite the distance she tries to create. With a girl’s life on the line, Nikki has to push through her pain to help her team. Can they solve the case in time?

As readers learn more about Nikki and Tyler’s friendship, the romantic suspense begins to build and nearly explode by the end of Vendetta. This suspense is explored and built upon throughout the second book in the series, Missing.

In Missing, Nikki’s team takes on an unusual case when homicide detectives call them in to find a missing could who have disappeared after two men are found dead in their home. Are they guilty, or running for safety? That’s up to Nikki’s team to find out. When the search leads to Tyler’s boat, Nikki is desperate to prove her friend’s innocence. In just 48 hours, the investigation takes Nikki’s team deep into the pharmaceutical industry. Will the answers they seek ever be found?

The Nikki Boyd Files series takes readers on exciting, suspenseful journeys from start to finish of each book. The plots are wonderfully developed in both books, and Nikki’s backstory is revealed slowly, drawing readers in. The secondary characters are less well-drawn, leaving the readers wondering about details, which hopefully may be revealed in future books. Overall, with well-paced and exciting plots, Missing and Vendetta are entertaining, suspenseful must-reads.

Dani Seilhamer, CLJ