Season of Glory / by Lisa T. Bergren. (Remnants Series, 3) 1.10.2017

Blink ISBN 9780310735663

HS Grades 9 and up Rating: 4

Season of Glory, book three in the Remnants series, finds the Ailith remnant together again following a narrow escape from Pacifica. As they progress across the land, the Ailith show more maturity in following the Maker and in using the gifts He has given them to serve. Increasingly people follow the Way, and hope for peace is on the horizon for the Ailith and all the land. It’s a good thing the Ailith have more support and wisdom, because the enemy seems stronger than ever. Keallach, emperor of Pacifica, is the one Ailith who never received his full gifting from the Maker because of the dark paths he has followed. When he attempts to join his brother, Andriana, and the other Ailith, proper wisdom and discernment of his motives could determine the success or failure of the mission.

Lisa T. Bergren’s writing opens doors into her characters’ world and thoughts. Told from three points of view, Season of Glory shows the progression of Keallach’s thinking and struggles throughout the book, without divulging whether or not his motives for following the other Ailith are pure. Ronan and Andriana also have their battles to face, but much of their personal growth occurred in the first two books of the Remnants series, making them perhaps less interesting in Season of Glory. The plot is well-paced, with high drama action scenes followed by reaction scenes filled with narrow escapes, followed by periods of rest or serving or learning. Romance continues to bloom in Season of Glory, but what seems secure may be undone by the forces of darkness.

The best part of all three books is the wisdom Lisa T. Bergren infuses into the story. As the Ailith prepare for their most dangerous battle, their leader Raniero gives this wise counsel, “Do not let your gift lead you–let the Maker lead you. Call upon him constantly. Put him first, not yourselves. We will stay together whatever comes, because together, we are strongest.” (p. 339)

Kristina Wolcott, CLJ

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