Reading the Sermon on the Mount with John Stott / by John Stott with Douglas Connelly. 1.12.2017

InterVarsity Press ISBN 9780830831913

Adult Rating: 5

John Stott (1921-2011) was a leader among evangelicals and is known for his preaching and communicating of Scripture. Reading the Sermon on the Mount with John Stott offers excerpts from Stott’s The Message of the Sermon on the Mount in brief readings, concise enough for daily digestion. The readings avoid technicalities and scholarly debate, with each reading emphasizing the substance, significance, and application of the text. Following each set of six readings is a discussion guide for use by individuals or study groups.

Stott makes clear that the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus holding up standards as principles of kingdom living. He also notes the goals of the Sermon are only attainable by those who have experienced the new birth and who have access to the Holy Spirit’s enabling power. The easy-to-hold size (5×7”) and short readings make it practical to really use as a daily tool.

Leroy Hommerding, CLJ