A Mia Quinn Mystery series / by Lis Wiehl. 2.2.2017

A Matter of Trust / by Lis Wiehl. (A Mia Quinn Mystery, 1)

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9781595549037

A Deadly Business / by Lis Wiehl. (A Mia Quinn Mystery, 2)

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9781595549044

Lethal Beauty / by Lis Wiehl. (A Mia Quinn Mystery, 3)

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9781595549051

Adult Rating: 4

The series centers on Mia Quinn, who is facing both personal and professional struggles in her life. Mia’s recently deceased husband left behind a staggering amount of debt, so she has returned to her job as a prosecutor in Seattle’s King County Violent Crimes Unit. It is not an easy adjustment, especially with her heavy workload and the demands of motherhood. Mia’s dad, who has recently surrendered his life to Christ, is the one witness for Mia. Will she learn to trust God again?

Lis Wiehl starts off each book with a gripping scene that pulls readers into the stories and makes them want to read more. The books include a series of in-depth questions that are perfect for reading group discussions.

In A Matter of Trust, Mia is busy with two high profile cases, both of which have the serious potential to either advance or derail her career. She is the lead investigator looking into the murder of a colleague and the suicide of a teenager linked to bullying. Mia is not pleased when her boss assigns her to work with Charlie Carlson, a homicide detective, with whom she has some unpleasant past work history. Mia struggles with trying to fulfill her duties as a full-time prosecutor while also dealing with a rebellious teenage son and a preschooler who suffers from nightmares.

In A Deadly Business, Mia’s boss, who is in a tight race for re-election, puts into her hands the decision of whether to try three teenage boys as juveniles or adults. Mia is under a time constraint, and the fallout from her decision could affect her job security. At the same time, Charlie suspects that the death of Mia’s husband was not an accident, but murder, so Mia and Charlie end up conducting an unofficial investigation. Between the two cases, personal issues, and taking on a second job to help make ends meet, Mia is trying to find balance in her life.

In Lethal Beauty, Mia is involved in a prominent businessman’s trial for the murder of a Chinese prostitute who is an illegal immigrant. After a mistrial is declared, Mia refuses to give up on proving the businessman’s guilt. While Mia and Charlie work together to try and find more evidence to justify a retrial, more dead bodies are discovered. It is up to Mia and Charlie to figure out if there is a connection between the murders. Meanwhile, her son Gabe has made some decisions in order to improve his self-image that could lead to trouble not only for himself but also for his family. Will Mia’s personal and professional lives clash?

Dianne Woodman, CLJ