At Night / by Helga Bansch. 3.13.2017

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers ISBN 9780802854711

PRI PS-Grade 1 Rating: 4

Late at night, animals and little boys and girls alike are asleep in their own special beds. The bats are hanging upside down in their caves, the birds are hunkered down in their nests, and the leopards are stretched out in the trees, while boys and girls are tucked snuggly under the covers of their beds. All seems to be in order, but what would happen if the night were suddenly turned upside down? Would rabbits hang in caves, while dogs snore in trees?

At Night by Helga Bansch is an amusing tale of a normal night turned upside down with wild imaginings, a perfect bedtime read. The book is divided in half, portraying two alternative nights; the first with everyone in their rightful beds and the second with silly mix-ups, like an elephant in a bird nest and a polar bear in a dog house. To read the second half, the book must be flipped over to the back cover and turned upside down, providing a clever and literal mirroring of the chaotic mix-ups in the alternative night scene. Children will enjoy the absurdity in this book, as well as the charming illustrations of animals wearing pajamas. Overall, this book is a lighthearted bedtime story that will help chase away nightmares, and hopefully encourage sweet and wildly imaginative dreaming.

Justina McBride, CLJ