The Bones Will Speak / by Carrie Stuart Parks. (A Gwen Marcey Novel) 3.20.2017

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9780825443688

Adult Rating: 4

The Bones Will Speak is the second book in the series about forensic artist Gwen Marcey, written by fine artist/forensic artist Carrie Stuart Parks. When Gwen’s dog comes home with a human skull and then leads her to a nearby cabin in the woods where a young girl is close to death, she realizes there is a serial killer on the loose. As Gwen unearths clues, she discovers the case is personal, and the suspect has her in his sights.

Author Carrie Stuart Parks uses her extensive experience to imbue The Bones Will Speak with accuracy and drama. Vivid description immerses readers into the world of police procedures and crime scene investigation. Ms. Parks’s writing is tight and punchy, creating a fast-paced story. Unfamiliar terms are explained through dialogue without talking down to readers. Because of the subject matter, there are regular episodes of violence; however, they are not gratuitous.

Recommended for church and public libraries.

Linda Matchett, CLJ