Explore Colonial America series / by Sarah Gilman. 3.22.2017

The First Thanksgiving / by Sarah Gilman. (Explore Colonial America)

Enslow Publishing ISBN 9780766078697

The Founding of America / by Sarah Gilman. (Explore Colonial America)

Enslow Publishing ISBN 9780766078703

MS Grades 5-8 Rating: 5

Both of these titles, part of the series Explore Colonial America, offer full-color photos, maps, and illustrations to give students an appreciation and picture of colonial life. Each title contains a glossary, timeline, index, and section listing books and websites for further reading.

In The First Thanksgiving, the story explores who the Pilgrims were as well as the Indians living in the colony. Students will learn about the hardships experienced by the Pilgrims and their relationship with the local Wampanoag Indians.

In The Founding of America, students get a close-up view of the active grassroots campaigns among the 13 American colonies to break free from England. In the course of 11 chapters, the discussion centers on the Second Continental Congress, the Continental army, a Declaration of Independence, and the new Constitution. The narrative highlighting the new nation formed enables youth to grasp the uniqueness and importance of this venture and dream, the sacrifices of many, and the bonds achieved.

Leroy Hommerding, CLJ