The Wedding Chapel / by Rachel Hauck. 4.4.2017

Zondervan ISBN 9780310341529

Adult Rating: 5

Rachel Hauck, who serves on the Executive Board for American Christian Fiction Writers and is a conference speaker, provides another work that endears her to many. Contributing to an enjoyable reading of The Wedding Chapel is the dual timeline which prompts readers to keep turning the page. This timeline offers a current-day narrative about Taylor and Jack as well as the history of Jimmy and Colette from the 1940-50s. In The Wedding Chapel she enables the reader to see the story from various perspectives as the story alternates between the four main characters.

Readers who enjoyed Hauck’s earlier The Wedding Dress will again note her ability to portray strong characters that relate to real life. The fact that a variety of relationship journeys are explored–e.g., Jimmy and Collette in their teen years and Taylor and Jack’s development from their first meeting–adds interest to the story’s progression. Hauck’s ability to have the complex characters of Taylor and Jack deal with very real issues conveys a message of forgiveness and hope with ease. Some readers will feel like they are on a sort of time-travel because the story moves back and forth from Heart’s Bend, Tennessee in 1948 in the story of Jimmy and Colette’s lost love and then flashes to today where one encounters the contemporary love story of Jack and Taylor’s troubled marriage in New York. The image of the chapel –built as a monument to true love and ultimately an instrument of reconciliation – as holding the heartbeat of God complements the romance of the story.

Leroy Hommerding, CLJ