The Inn at Ocean’s Edge / by Colleen Coble. (A Sunset Cove Novel) 6.5.2017

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9781401690267

Adult Rating: 4

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge is an engaging story with a mix of mystery, suspense, tension, family secrets, betrayal, courage, assault, kidnapping, and murder. A budding romance hindered by doubts, trusting in God during highly stressful times, and a rescued baby orca are also woven into the storyline. Some interesting facts about orcas and their similarities to humans are included in the story. Readers will be invested in the outcome of the novel as the suspense continues to build until it culminates into a climatic ending.

Claire Dellamare has just arrived at Hotel Tourmaline on the island of Folly Shoals, Maine, to help her father with an important merger for the family-owned business. She begins to feel uneasy and ends up having a panic attack. To calm herself down, she goes for a walk on the beach, which leads to an unexpected encounter with Luke Rocco and his sister Megan. During their conversation, Claire is stunned to learn that she went missing at the age of four and spent one year lost in the island’s forest. Luke is hopeful she remembers seeing a woman on the night she disappeared, but Claire has no memories of the childhood incident. Claire confronts her parents about her past and comes to believe they are hiding important details about what happened. Subsequently, Claire and Luke work together to try and discover the truth. Even when a mysterious person threatens Claire’s life, she refuses to give up. Will Claire be able to unravel the secrets of her past, and will it change her life in any way?

The central theme of the book revolves around the complexity of family relationships. Colleen Coble has done a good job of showing the adverse emotional effects that lies and deceptions can have on family members, while also showing how love, perseverance, and commitment can profoundly impact families. Questions have been included that can be used in group discussions about complex issues faced by characters in the novel.

Dianne Woodman, CLJ