The Bishop’s Family series / by Suzanne Woods Fisher. 8.3.2017

The Imposter / by Suzanne Woods Fisher. (The Bishop’s Family, 1)

Revell ISBN 9780800723200

The Quieting / by Suzanne Woods Fisher. (The Bishop’s Family, 2)

Revell ISBN 9780800723217

Adult Rating: 5

Sisters Katrina and Abigail Stoltzfus are highlighted in this series about family struggles, hard decisions, and trusting God with life choices in the Amish world. In The Imposter, Katrina sees her future plans and dreams crumble before her, so she eagerly starts on a venture that she believes will take her mind off her broken relationship and give her a new purpose in life. An unwelcome intrusion arrives in the form of a farmhand who seems too good to be true. Katrina has had her trust broken before–she will not allow it to happen again.

In The Quieting, Abigail has been assisting her father in his genealogical research. Although she is definitely interested in the subject of family history, she also hopes her part in it will help dispel the depression her widowed father is experiencing. Her grandmother has different plans for her. Hoping to play matchmaker, Mammi is insisting that Abigail come to Stoney Ridge to take her pick of the many bachelors there.

The Stoltzfus family is facing serious problems in the church and at home. One problem is that everyone in the community expects David, as a minister, to fix things and to fix them fast. But David doesn’t work fast; he waits for God to change hearts. The question on the hearts of many in this Amish district is whether a quieting–the revoking of the ordination of a bishop, minister or deacon–is the answer.

Fisher writes delightful stories of the Amish replete with the customs of this very interesting group of people, drawing the reader into their daily lives and tribulations. The astounding spiritual wisdom of the father is a highlight in both of these books. Very thought-provoking and inspirational and highly recommended.

Ceil Carey, CLJ