Du Iz Tak? / by Carson Ellis. 8.30.2017

Candlewick Press ISBN 9780763665302

PRI K-Grade 3 Rating: 5

Two flies “discover” a seedling sprout in Du Iz Tak?. The next time they and a friend see the young plant, it has grown, prompting them to ask a nearby friend for a ladder. They climb the leaves to sun themselves. Continued growth of the plant prompts them to build a plant fort, but while they work, they fail to notice danger creeping closer to them and potential disaster looming from above.

Du Iz Tak? showcases the writing and illustrations of Carson Ellis. Ellis determines what incites emotion in her bugs–from wonder to fear to determination to resignation–and writes from that perspective. Even though written in the language of bugs, Ellis’s application of grammar rules and her lovely illustrations enable the reader to easily understand the story. The drama unfolds quickly. Few words are necessary and few are used, but the created language is very enjoyable to read, and the fun lies in the discovery.

Kristina Wolcott, CLJ