Leave Me Alone! / by Vera Brosgol. 9.4.2017

Roaring Brook Press ISBN 9781626724419

PRI K-Grade 2 Rating: 4

A little old woman just wants to be left alone so she can finish her winter knitting, but living in a small house with lots of children makes being alone almost impossible. So, the little old woman packs her bag and heads for the forest, thinking she will find the peace and quiet she needs to finish her knitting. Unfortunately, the bear family living in the forest makes being alone impossible. Once again, she packs up her bag, this time heading for the mountains, certain she will finally be alone way up there. However, the mountain goats force her to pack up once more and climb all the way to the moon. Will the little old lady ever find herself alone in time to finish her knitting before winter arrives?

Selected as a Caldecott Honor Book for 2017, Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol is full of charm, humor, and absurdity that will delight its young audience. Its rich watercolor illustrations provide warmth and visual appeal to the story and are the primary mode of infusing humor into each situation in which the little old lady finds herself. The illustrations have an eastern European flair, which is further reinforced by the ever-present samovar the little old lady uses to make her tea, providing a potential cultural side note to expound upon.

The repetitive phrase “Leave Me Alone!” always appears in a speech bubble in large font making it easily identifiable for pre-readers who will enjoy recognizing and reading this phrase aloud together with a parent or their fellow classmates. Overall, this book is a visual gem worth adding to any personal or classroom collection.

Justina McBride, CLJ