Land of Silence / by Tessa Afshar. 9.20.2017

Tyndale House Publishers ISBN 9781496406460

Adult Rating: 5

In Land of Silence, Tessa Afshar tells the biblical story of the woman with a long-standing issue of blood. Elianna is plagued by guilt all her life because of her young brother’s death while in her care and her life seems to unravel one thread at a time, becoming one exemplified by loss. She loses the affection of her beloved father who finds her at fault for Joseph’s demise, followed by the loss the family business. Finally, she loses Ethan, the only man she has ever loved. And with thirteen years of uncleanness, friends and family are few, leaving her a lonely woman.
Readers familiar with her scriptural encounter with Jesus will know of her miraculous healing, but author Afshar fleshes out the story in a beautiful way, giving life and personality to Elianna and her family. The heroine becomes a believer in Christ in a gradual way, beautifully illustrating how one may come to saving faith. And reminiscent of the story of Job, many of her former losses are restored to her. This is a wonderful, inspiring story, highly recommended!

Ceil Carey, CLJ