The Second Half / by Lauraine Snelling. 9.21.2017

FaithWords ISBN 9781455586172

Adult Rating: 5

Life so often changes in just a moment. It could be a phone call informing of a love one’s death or that dreaded summons to the boss’s office or a bad report from the doctor. These startling changes happen to all.

The Sorensons are approaching retirement, hopefully the best years of their life. Then the call comes. Their son Steig is being deployed immediately as a special forces officer in the Army to destinations unknown. Since his wife walked out on him, Steig has had sole custody of their two children. Whom can he call on for help but his parents? Now those grandchildren they had looked forward to spending time with occasionally have become their total responsibility. They would be parenting again, this time grandchildren!

This is the story of their adventure as Ken and Mona care for their grandchildren in their son’s absence–the fears, the joys, what the Lord teaches them as they take on this charge. Although seniors may have a special interest in this subject, The Second Half will be enjoyable reading for any adult. Lauraine Snelling writes a wonderful tale with something for all!

Ceil Carey, CLJ