Billy Graham: America’s Pastor / by Janet & Geoff Benge.  (Heroes of History) 9.27.2017

Emerald Books ISBN 9781624860249

YA Grades 5-8 Rating: 5

Part of the Heroes of History series, this biography for young people about evangelist Billy Graham is excellent. Beginning with his childhood as a 12-year-old still known to family and friends as Billy Frank, the authors take the readers through Billy’s life at home, in church and school, and then as a famous preacher of the Gospel. He was a small-town North Carolina boy who traveled the world and made friends with almost every famous person of the 20th century. He preached the message of salvation to over 200 million people in 185 countries, never agreeing to preach to a segregated crowd–a stance which had much to do with changes in civil rights in the United Sates as well as other countries of the world, such as South Africa.

The book also tells of Billy’s marriage to Ruth Bell, a missionary daughter who grew up in China, and their ensuing large family. At Ruth’s funeral in 2007, Billy assumed it would not be long before he joined his beloved wife in heaven. But at the writing of this review, Billy Graham is alive at 98 years of age.

The life story of Billy Graham, America’s foremost evangelist and also named as s National Treasure, is interesting but so much more than that. How God can use a person dedicated to Him is inspiring and encouraging to readers.

Ceil Carey, CLJ