A Matter of Trust / by Susan May Warren. (Montana Rescue, 3) 10.2.2017

Revell ISBN 9780800727451

Adult Rating: 5

Susan May Warren returns with another adrenalin-packed adventure/contemporary romance in her Montana Rescue series, featuring rescue professionals living in a close-knit community.

In A Matter of Trust, Gage Watson, former snowboarder champion and now a member of the PEAK Rescue team, finds himself struggling to face both his past and his future. Senator Ella Blair, former attorney whose firm handled Gabe’s negligence lawsuit after the death of a snowboarder fan that eventually cost Gabe his sponsorships, follows her brother to Montana.

Ella begs his help in rescuing her brother from one of Glacier National Park’s most dangerous peaks. Gage is reluctant to search for her brother when he goes missing because Gage believes Ella betrayed him and destroyed his life. When Ella insists on joining him in the search, Gabe vows to keep her safe, even when the weather turns against them. As they work together to find her reckless brother and his friend, old feelings resurface and emotions run high. What will happen when Ella’s secret is revealed? Will the fragile trust Gage and Ella are rebuilding be strong enough?

Warren excels at creating flawed characters the reader cares about, as well as building a suspenseful adventure. Characters from earlier stories make reappearances, and their stories continue to move along. Warren draws vivid word pictures in her stories, with a faith element that is present but not preachy. Readers will be engaged from the first page until the last.

Recommended for public libraries and church libraries. The next book in the series, Troubled Waters, is due in January 2018.

Carol R. Gehringer, worthy2read.wordpress.com

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