If I’m Found / by Terri Blackstock. (If I Run, 2) 10.26.2017

Zondervan ISBN 9780310332480

Adult Rating: 5

If I’m Found is the second installment in Terri Blackstock’s If I Run series. It is recommended that one first read If I Run, as the second title continues the story begun in the first.

Casey Cox is a dangerous fugitive. That’s what everyone in the media and the Shreveport Police Department think, anyway. Despite rescuing a kidnapped girl in Shady Grove, Casey is still on the run from Detectives Keegan and Rollins, who want her for the murder of Brent Pace, one of Casey’s closest friends. In order to find evidence to prove her innocence, Casey has taken on a new identity and is following leads. Soon, she finds herself in a motel room in Dallas, Texas where she finds a Bible with a suicide note tucked inside. Hunting down the Bible’s owner, Casey learns of the man’s fate and ends up establishing a life in Dallas under the name Miranda Henley. When Casey finds herself in the middle of trying to solve the mystery of a little girl’s abuse, Casey again puts herself in danger of being discovered. Is it possible for her to stay hidden in Dallas long enough to find evidence that proves her innocence?

Dylan Roberts has known the Pace family since he was child. After Brent’s murder, Mr. and Mrs. Pace hire Dylan to find Casey. Dylan could have caught Casey in Shady Grove after she saved the kidnapped girl, but he purposefully let her go–because he believes she’s innocent. Dylan has to balance his loyalty to the Paces, his belief that Casey did not murder Brent, and his suspicion of Keegan and Rollins, whom he believes to be dirty cops. Dylan has God to rely on, and he fears that Casey will collapse because she’s trying to survive on her own.

Will Dylan be able to help Casey? Will Casey ever trust Dylan enough to let him in on her life on the run? If I’m Found is a riveting continuation of the plot of If I Run. In this installment, the characters are developed further, and the plot deepens to reveal the breadth of the scheme detective Keegan and Rollins have drawn Casey into. If I’m Found will leave readers impatiently awaiting the next installment in the series. Will Casey finally prove her innocence?

Dani Seilhamer, CLJ

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