A Name Unknown / by Roseanna M. White. (Shadows Over England, 1) 10.27.2017

Bethany ISBN 9780764219269

Adult Rating: 5

Multi-talented author Roseanna White kicks off a new series set in pre-World War I (Edwardian) England, when loyalties to one’s roots were questioned as tensions between Germany and England increased.

In A Name Unknown, orphaned Rosemary Gresham grew up on the streets of London, doing whatever was necessary to survive with other orphans, who became her family. Her skills as a pickpocket and her ability to blend into high society get her recruited for a specific job: discover the true allegiance of Peter Holstein. Pete is the author of adventure novels written under a pen name, and debates changing his official name as others become more suspicious of his loyalties. Is he loyal to Britain or Germany–after all, he has a German last name and has the ear of the king? To prove his loyalty and his family’s innocence, he needs to find a family document for proof, but where in his vastly disorganized library can he find it?

Rosemary shows up unannounced, pretending to be a librarian and offering to organize his family’s library as well as trace his family history to prove his family’s loyalties. Will she find the evidence she needs to complete her mission? Who is trying to undermine Peter’s relationship with the king? Will Peter find the document in time?

White excels at both character and plot development. Her book is rich in plot twists and historical detail, as well as romance and adventure. The relationships are wholesome, making them “clean reads” for adults and older teens. The next book in the series, A Song Unheard, will be available in 2018.

 Highly recommended to public libraries and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer, worthy2read.wordpress.com