The Raven /by Mike Nappa. (Coffey & Hill, 2) 11.30.2017

Revell ISBN 9780800726454

Adult Rating: 4

Coffey and Hill are back at it again in the second of the Coffey & Hill series, The Raven. Although divorced, Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill still share an amount of love and attraction between them which gives a type of sweetness to the story. That sweetness helps to balance out the violence to some extent.

The Raven is a magician–no, change that to master of deception, but really just a young man trying to make his mark on the world who is crazy about Trudi Coffey. His life seems harmless enough until he pickpockets the wallet of an important councilman, and, finding compromising information, decides to blackmail him. What ensues does not look good for this boy wonder and his appendages. He finds himself mired in a plot called Nevermore with the Eastern European mafia with no way out except for an old woman who calls herself Mama Bliss and the help of Coffey and Hill.

Mike Nappa’s The Raven is not a cozy mystery. As mentioned before, the book contains a serious amount of violence (though not gratuitous). There is a Christian worldview with some sharing of Scripture. Recommended for mystery buffs and those that enjoyed the first in the series.

Ceil Carey, CLJ