Pursued / by Lisa Harris. (The Nikki Boyd Files, 3) 12.14.2017

Revell ISBN 9780800724207

Adult Rating: 5

Nikki Boyd just wants to quickly return home from her work trip so she can finally be reunited with her boyfriend, Tyler Grant, who has been overseas for three months. On her flight back to Nashville, Nikki meets Erika Hamilton. Minutes after introducing herself to her seatmate, Nikki’s flight crash lands outside of Nashville. That’s where the critical first 48 hours begin.

There’s no record of Erika Hamilton on that flight to Nashville. Nikki knows she was on the flight–she sat right next to Erika. Now she’s missing and Nikki is asked by the FBI to be a part of the missing persons task force determined to find Erika. Taking on that responsibility means no time to see her family or Tyler, which leaves her distracted. Will Nikki successfully locate Erika before it’s too late? What about all the mystery surrounding the identity of this woman? Shouldn’t it be easy to at least find out who she was before she disappeared?

From beginning to end, this story is packed with action. Within the first few pages, readers are captivated by the characters and the mysterious elements of the plane crash and missing persons case. In true Lisa Harris fashion, Pursued is chock-full of drama and suspense as the story progresses and the plot grows more complex. This is a great read for mystery/thriller lovers. It is a continuation of The Nikki Boyd Files so it is recommended that readers start with the first two books in the series before delving into Pursued.

Dani Seilhamer, CLJ

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