Hometown Girl / by Courtney Walsh. 12.28.2017

Waterfall Press ISBN 9781542045636

Adult Rating: 4

Courtney Walsh pens a contemporary romance with a mystery set in a small Midwestern hometown.

In Hometown Girl, Beth Whitaker dreamed of leaving her hometown behind and doing big things in the big city. A mistake in judgement caused her to return home. There she maked another mistake that may have contributed her father’s recent death. Beth doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore. Her sister Molly impulsively buys the fallen-down Fairwind Farm, and now Beth feels trapped.

Meanwhile Drew Barlow spent years trying to forget a tragedy that happened at the Farm when he was a young boy. When the farm’s owner dies and the sisters purchase the Farm, Drew decides to make peace with his past there. Can Drew and Beth restore the farm and make it a viable business? Can they solve an old mystery surrounding the tragedy Drew witnessed?

Walsh excels at her character development, creating individuals the reader can sympathize with and cheer on in their endeavors. Beth and Drew get caught up in Molly’s renovation plans for Fairwind. God gives both of them a second chance at letting go of past mistakes, finding healing and forgiveness. Hometown Girl is a story of redemption, second chances, and finding love and one’s life work, even in the face of repeated failures. Walsh does a good job of weaving the mystery and unraveling it, layer by layer, as the story unfolds.

Recommended for readers who want more than just a romance, the mystery element is handled well and is revealed slowly.

Carol R. Gehringer, worthy2read.wordpress.com