This Road We Traveled / by Jane Kirkpatrick. 1.1.2018

Revell ISBN 9780800722333

Adult Rating: 5

When her family decides to head west at the prompting of her adult son, Tabby Brown decides nothing will stop her from going–not her physical disability, her advancing age, or her children who believe she is too frail to make the long, treacherous journey to Oregon. She has survived many hardships in life and she is ready to face this new chapter with the same courage, determined spirit, and faith in God that has always carried her.

Pherne Pringle, Tabby’s daughter, feels her heart is being torn in two as her husband insists on going west, leaving behind all that is familiar and safe, as well as the resting place of their youngest son. Will she learn to find peace in letting go while walking this uncertain road?

Atage 17, the trip to Oregon is full of promise and a small measure of uncertainty for Virgilia Pringle, a blend of her independent grandmother and her cautious mother. Together will these three women have what it takes to survive the journey that lies before them, and if so, the fortitude to start a new life in an untamed land?

In This Road We Traveled, Jane Kirkpatrick uses the liberty and entertainment of fiction combined with true events and real people to capture the very essence of the pioneering spirit that drove men and women to carve out new roads and new lives to settle the West. Kirkpatrick’s thorough research and vivid descriptions allow readers to see the sights of the wild prairie and hear the creaking wagons and playful voices of children making their way across the Oregon Trail. Full of suspense, romance, and danger, the plot holds everything necessary for a grand adventure. However, it is the main characters, their growth, and wisdom that leave a lasting impression about the journey of life, which is always full of goodbyes and new beginnings, joys and sorrows, and holding on and letting go. The overarching theme is that life is constantly moving; one can either run from this reality or embrace it in faith and live fully.

Justina McBride, CLJ