A Drew Fathering Mystery Series / by Julianna Deering 1.2.2018

Dressed for death/ by Julianna Deering (A Drew Fathering Mystery Series, 4)

Bethany House ISBN 9780764214110

Murder on the moor/ by Julianna Deering (A Drew Fathering Mystery Series, 5)

Bethany House ISBN 9780764218286

Adult Rating: 5

In Dressed for Death, Drew Farthering and his bride of six months arrive at a Regency-era party at the home of old friends, looking forward to a relaxing and interesting week living in a different time period. Beginning with the host’s fiancée, Alice, one death follows another while the characters feel they are standing by and watching it happen without knowing what to do to stop it. Friendships are strained, relationships are broken, but our hero is Drew, always on the lookout, always finding the perpetrator although in this case plenty of guilt abounds. Why didn’t he realize the identity of the murderer before all the killing happened?–he torments himself with this question.

Murder on the Moor takes place on the creepy, misty Yorkshire moors, a setting just perfect for murder and malice. Several incidents have caused great concern to Drew’s old friend Beaky Bloodworth and his new bride Sabrina. But the very worst is the recent killing of the local vicar followed in succession by the murder of a village spinster, a governess in the past. What had they seen or what did they know that their lives had to be taken? And who might be next if Drew cannot sort out the various characters and motives?

These books are very easy to read, with delightful main characters, including a godly couple. The books offer a Christian worldview without actually presenting the gospel.

Ceil Carey, CLJ