The Elusive Miss Ellison / by Carolyn Miller. (Regency Brides: A Legacy of Grace, 1) 1.5.2018

Kregel ISBN 9780825444500

Adult Rating: 4

Carolyn Miller writes the first inspirational Regency novel in her new trilogy.

In The Elusive Miss Ellison, the entire village–except for Miss Lavinia Ellison–eagerly anticipates the arrival of the new Earl of Hawkesbury. She believes him to have the same reputation as brother: reckless and arrogant. Lavinia is the unmarried bluestocking daughter of the local minister. Nicholas, the new Earl, is a former war hero and reluctant Duke, unprepared for the problems his brother left unsolved and the other obligations he faces. When Nicholas is challenged by feisty Lavinia to move beyond his wounded pride, it may provide too many obstacles for them. A family secret adds to the complications they face.

Like the hero in Jane Austen’s original Pride and Prejudice, wealthy Nicholas suffers from too much pride and is a snob! Feisty Lavinia suffers from too much prejudice towards his family and their effect on others around them. Both of them come to an appreciation of God’s forgiveness as they move past their own histories.

Miller does an excellent job in portraying Regency England with its historical details and solid characterization. Like anyone, her characters face real problems in terms of finances, others’ expectations, and finding one’s place, allowing the reader to identify with them as they struggle to become better people. While the storyline is somewhat predictable, it follows the pattern of a good Regency novel; the faith element is light, the romance is clean, and it is a cozy read!

Fans of Julie Klassen, Jane Austen, and Regency romances will welcome this new author!

Recommended for high school and public libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer,