A Note Yet Unsung / by Tamera Alexander. 1.25.2018

Bethany ISBN 9780764230066

Adult Rating: 5

After ten years studying music in Austria, Rebekah Carrington returns to Nashville, Tennessee in 1871 in A Note Yet Unsung. Following the death of her grandmother, Rebekah’s mother and stepfather claim they can no longer support Rebekah’s study overseas and order her to return. While Rebekah willingly returns to Nashville, she seeks employment and housing because home represents a danger she is unwilling to face. Though her heart’s desire is to play her violin, Maestro Whitcomb refuses to allow a woman in the orchestra. Thankfully Adelicia Cheatham hires Rebekah to tutor her daughter on violin, providing room and board in exchange for doing so. However, if Rebekah is ever to save any money, she needs another job.

Maestro Tate Whitcomb has two secrets he cannot afford to tell, and he desperately needs a friend. He also needs to complete his symphony. Both Rebekah and Tate will need help if they are ever to offer their music to the world.

Tamera Alexander’s third book in the Belmont Mansion series well deserves the 2017 Christy Award for historical romance. Flawed characters triumph as they deal with the blows of life including concerns about health, relationships, and work. The plot moves quickly with unexpected twists and pushes forward with increasing tension. The setting unfolds and completes the process of taking the reader on a journey as the characters walk the streets of 1871 Nashville or travel to the back hill country, as they ride the train or face the gender bias that refused women a place in orchestras, or as homeless orphans wander the streets selling papers or stealing money. As the book comes to a close, Rebekah realizes: “Never could she have orchestrated the events in her life in such a way that this would happen. Only God. The true Master Conductor.” (p. 422)

Kristina Wolcott, CLJ