Where Does Love Hide? / by Mary Manz Simon; illustrated by Hannah Wood. 2.1.2018

Tyndale Kids ISBN 9781496411686

PRI PS-K Rating: 5

Where Does Love Hide? is a lift-the-flap board book by Mary Manz Simon that demonstrates simple ways to share God’s love.

Six colorful scenes show that love is not really hiding at all, but instead is all around us if we just know where to look! Readers unfold the flaps to reveal everyday examples: sharing toys, helping with a chore, making a new friend. Each flap also contains a short verse from Scripture pertaining to loving, respecting, and serving one other.

The enduring messages are sweet and relevant, making Where Does Love Hide? a wonderful way to introduce very young children to God’s word. Hannah Wood’s cheerful illustrations are like comfort food, filled with the gentle familiarity of cookies, teddy bears, building blocks, and sandcastles.

This sturdy book should withstand many readings and its small size is perfect for taking along.

Nina Ditmar, CLJ