The Story Travelers Bible / by Tracey Madder; illustrated by Tim Crecelius. 2.2.2018

Tyndale Kids ISBN: 9781496409157

PRI K-Grade 4 Rating: 4

The Story Travelers Bible by Tracey Madder presents Bible stories in a narrative format as three students time travel to learn about God’s Word.

School friends Lana, Griffin, and Munch are transported aboard a mysterious bus to witness 85 events of the New and Old Testaments. The Story Travelers Bible takes the trio–and their readers–on an epic journey from Genesis through Revelation.

Each Bible story includes its scriptural reference as well as sidebars with related historical/geographic information and fun facts. Added features invite readers to “Build Your Faith!”, “Think About It!”, or “Park Here!” to read and memorize a verse (New Living Translation). Author Tracey Madder infuses every chapter with dialogue and vivid descriptions of the setting, action, and emotion. In parallel, the three modern-day travelers talk about and react to what they are seeing.

The Story Travelers Bible is a story-within-a-story that encourages children to know God by reading His Word. The framework of the time-traveling students is a quirky twist that may be entertaining to some readers but distracting to others.

Cartoon-style illustrations by Tim Crecelius fill the pages and enhance the presentation. This is a hefty (350+ pages!) book with a ton of content and reading but the storytelling voice and expressive drawings work well together. The many facets of the book should foster its appeal to both young and more mature readers.

Nina Ditmar, CLJ