Vanishing Point / by Lisa Harris. (A Nikki Boyd Novel) 3.2.2018

Revell ISBN 9780800728489

Adult Rating: 5

Nikki Boyd’s sister, Sarah, was abducted and killed by the Angel Abductor, but he’s never been caught. Vanishing Point follows the team that takes on the Angel Abductor case as they desperately try to find him before he harms any other girls.

Garrett Addison is new to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation when he first gets the call about an abducted girl fitting the profile of the Angel Abductor’s preferred victims. It doesn’t take long to confirm that the Angel Abductor has indeed struck again. Six girls have become his victims. Immediately, the TBI calls in the FBI for help. When FBI agent Jordan Lambert gets the call to head to Nashville to assist with the case, she is grateful to also be able to squeeze in time with her family that lives nearby. The last thing she expects is to run into Garrett Addison at the crime scene. Can they put their history behind them and work together peacefully?

The Angel Abductor kidnaps blonde-haired teenage girls, takes a polaroid picture, and kills his victims. The police know how he operates, but they can’t seem to catch him. Too many times, they are just one step behind. Nikki joins the team to help solve the case, and things are personal for her. They all want to see justice for the girls’ families. When a mistake leads to deadly consequences, Agent Addison questions his decision to join the task force. Will the team hold together long enough to solve the case? How many girls will be killed before the abductor is finally caught?

Vanishing Point is Lisa Harris’ best thriller yet. The character development and the depth of the plot are enticing. Harris makes this a hard book to put down. The action is continuous and there’s just enough romance to lighten up the plot. This is an excellent Christian mystery.

Dani Seilhamer, CLJ