Hawthorne House series / by Kristi Ann Hunter. 3.5.2018

An Uncommon Courtship / by Kristi Ann Hunter. (Hawthorne House, 3)

Bethany House ISBN 9780764218262

An Inconvenient Beauty / by Kristi Ann Hunter. (Hawthorne House, 4)

Bethany House ISBN 9780764218279

Adult Rating: 5

Born a second son, Lord Trent Hawthorne enjoys a carefree life and the luxury of choice, not bearing the weighty responsibilities of inheriting a dukedom like his older brother. However, his days of ease and freedom end when a night trapped in ruins with Lady Adelaide Bell sends him to the altar in an effort to salvage both their reputations. His family has a tradition of marrying for love and his plans were to follow suit, but at his own leisurely pace. Now trapped in a marriage of convenience to a woman he hardly knows, what are the chances that Trent and Adelaide will find love in An Uncommon Courtship?

In An Inconvenient Beauty, Griffith Hawthorne, the Duke of Riverton, has finally decided to find a wife, something required of a man in his position and a responsibility he has put off long enough. Unlike the other members of his family, he is determined to apply rational logic to the task at hand, rather than the chaotic flutterings of the heart. He likes the perfect order of his life and he wants a wife that can join this order with little disturbance. Soon after he selects Miss Frederica St. Claire as his most logical choice of a bride, Griffith finds her cousin Miss Isabella Breckenridge to be an unfortunate obstacle to his perfectly devised plan. Will Griffith’s determined logic and Isabella’s lack of faith keep the two from finding a love that can conquer anything?

In the final two books of the delightful “Hawthorne House” series, Kristi Ann Hunter tells the stories of the two male members of the Hawthorne siblings. It is not often that the latter books in a series prove to be as wonderful as the first, yet the charm of these two books competes with the first two in its series. Like the previous two, these books are full of endearing characters, lively discourse, mystery, and gentle romance. Hunter does an excellent job portraying the pomp and pretense of London society and drawing a sharp contrast to it with her leading lords and ladies who strive to honor God with their lives. The theme of the third book is learning that love is often a choice, while in the fourth book, it is learning to sometimes follow the heart and not just the mind. Overall, these two books will capture the heart of Regency romance lovers.

Justina McBride, CLJ