The Regency Spies of London series / by Melanie Dickerson. 3.9.2018

A Viscount’s Proposal/ by Melanie Dickerson. (The Regency Spies of London, 2)

Waterfall Press ISBN 9781503938649

A Dangerous Engagement / by Melanie Dickerson. (The Regency Spies of London, 3)

Waterfall Press ISBN 9781503938656

Adult Rating: 4

Prolific author Melanie Dickerson pens additional novels in her Regency Spies trilogy.

In A Viscount’s Proposal, instead of settling for a loveless marriage like her parents, Leorah Langdon is determined to marry for love. When a carriage accident forces her to spend the night unchaperoned with Edward, Viscount Withinghall, she is determined to turn down his proposal, despite the damage to her reputation. Edward, on the other hand, has political ambitions and wants to avoid scandal at all costs. Can they work together to save her reputation and his career by uncovering the villain behind the “accident”?

In A Dangerous Engagement, Felicity Mayson receives an invitation to Lady Blackstone’s country manor, Doverton Hall. She is flattered by the proposal of wealthy Oliver Ratley. She doesn’t realize the political undercurrents among the guests until she meets Government agent Philip McDowell who is undercover. Lady Blackstone and Oliver are the leaders of a group of revolutionaries and Felicity is their pawn. Philip convinces Felicity to maintain his cover. Both are risking their lives to uncover the conspiracy before their government is overthrown.

The plot is typical of a Regency romance, but Dickerson weaves in plot twists and turns. The romance is wholesome, and the faith element is clear but not preachy, making this is a good choice for teen and adult readers. A Dangerous Engagement has a stronger suspense plot than A Viscount’s Proposal. A Viscount’s Proposal lacks the tension, mystery, and intrigue found in romantic suspense novels.

Recommended for young adults and adults who are young at heart. Fans of Georgette Heyer will enjoy this series.

Carol R. Gehringer,

Earlier Series Titles Reviewed by CLJA Spy’s Devotion (Mar/Apr/May/June 2016).