Wow! The Good News in Four Words / by Dandi Daley Mackall; illustrated by Annabel Tempest. 4.1.2018

Tyndale Kids ISBN 9781496418142

PRI PS-Grade 2 Rating: 5

Wow! The Good News in Four Words by Dandi Daley Mackall is a picture book introduction to God’s love and plan for us.

The author uses clever rhyming stanzas to present God’s creation of light and the world (“Wow!”), Adam and Eve’s disobedience (“Uh-oh”), the birth of Jesus (“Yes”), and the resurrection (“Ahh”). The powerful concluding message is that believers can continue to share Christ’s presence, love, and guidance.

Whimsical artwork by Annabel Tempest puts a smile on even the sun and moon, gives personality to all of God’s creatures, and captures the breadth of His love worldwide. A bounty of color fills the pages with vibrant, charming scenes.

The author includes a “Note To Parents” with a helpful overview of the book’s content, and a list of Scripture references for further study.

The simple format of Wow! The Good News in Four Words is creative, memorable, and enticing, a great starter for young children but also a wonderful refresher for the adults who read to them!

Nina Ditmar, CLJ