Let There Be Science: Why God Loves Science and Science Needs God / by Tom McLeish and David Hutchings. 4.17.2018

Lion Books ISBN 9780745968636

Adult (YA) Rating: 4

In Let There Be Science: Why God Loves Science and Science Needs God, physics teacher David Hutchings and physics professor Tom McLeish lay out a discussion of the relatedness–and even inseparable relationship–between God and science. The authors propose that “science flows naturally from the Christian worldview, and that it always has” (p. 10). In order to support this claim, Hutchings and McLeish set forth an initial explanation of science as a way of thinking, rather than a specific body of knowledge or modern technological advances. Each chapter then tackles a broader, typically theologically-related topic by presenting historical narratives of scientific discoveries, then analyzing or comparing these narratives within an openly Christian framework.

Hutchings and McLeish do a fabulous job of creating an understandable and relatable text. The authors use biblical texts and narratives from the history of scientific discovery as their main tools. In so doing, the authors constantly remind the reader that science is something that is innately human. Although “science” sometimes seems unapproachable or a field only for a certain group of people, Hutchings and McLeish superbly explain each topic, as well as show the humanness or relatability of the process of scientific discovery and the individuals involved. Each chapter then concludes with a summary section that helps to clarify connections or implications within individual chapters and chapters up to that point.

By the end of the book, the reader has heard the stories of numerous scientists, from ancient to modern, and the biblical analysis that best explains the continued progression of science no matter the circumstance. From biblical invitation to study the universe, to the knowableness of nature, to the order found in chaos, to perseverance in the face of hardship, Hutchings and McLeish present a thought-provoking argument for the unavoidable relatedness of God and science.

Elisabeth A. Orr, CLJ