Catching the Wind / by Melanie Dobson. 4.19.2018

Tyndale House ISBN 9781496417282

Adult Rating: *5

Dietmar and Brigitte, young friends in Germany during WWII, make a daring escape from Nazi soldiers in Catching the Wind. Now 77 years later, Dietmar, who changed his name to Daniel Knight following the war, urgently longs to find out what happened to Brigette. He last saw her when they arrived in England, and a couple took her in for the duration of the war. After multiple investigators over his lifetime fail to find Brigitte, Daniel feels perhaps Quenby Vaughn–a young journalist whose articles reflect her passion to dig out stories and help others–can help in his quest. Quenby and Lucas Hough, Daniel’s very handsome solicitor, team up on an impossibly cold case which just happens to coincide with Quenby’s research for an article about a prominent family in WWII England and their possible involvement with Nazis during the war.

Melanie Dobson’s intriguing plot is filled with tension as modern day Quenby attempts to piece together the puzzle of what happened to Brigitte, and then Dobson shows what is happening to Brigitte during WWII. In addition to the tension of the investigation, and the tension of Brigitte’s life, sparks fly between Quenby and Lucas as they team up for the search. Daniel Knight is a knight in the truest sense of the word, searching for Brigitte and wishing he could have better protected her. Both Brigitte and Quenby undergo transformations throughout the book, and their stories provide wonderful themes for life. “She couldn’t change her past…but it didn’t define who she was today…She had the power to write a new story from this moment forward. Her story….A new story filled with…a heart open to trusting God…A heart willing to forgive.” (p. 374)

Kristina Wolcott, CLJ