The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy / by Kim Vogel Sawyer. 4.24.2018

When Mercy Rains / by Kim Vogel Sawyer. (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy, 1)

WaterBrook Press ISBN 9780307731319

When Grace Sings / by Kim Vogel Sawyer. (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy, 2)

WaterBrook Press ISBN 9780307731333

When Love Returns / by Kim Vogel Sawyer. (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy, 3)

WaterBrook Press ISBN 9780307731357

Adult Rating: 5

The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy tells the stories of a woman living with a secret and two young girls that have been denied the truth.

In When Mercy Rains, Suzanne Zimmerman has stayed away from her family for 20 years. Since Suzanne is a nurse, her brother is asking for her assistance with their mother due to an accident. Nobody knew she was pregnant when her mother sent her away at 17, not even her boyfriend at the time, Paul. Suzanne is conflicted on returning home with her daughter, Alexa, who doesn’t even know the story of her birth. What will happen when the truth comes out about the daughter nobody knows about, the daughter she was supposed to give away?

In When Grace Sings, Alexa Zimmerman has decided to stay in Kansas with her grandmother to open a bed and breakfast. She and her family have learned the story of her birth, but she still wonders if she’ll ever be fully accepted in the Old Order community. Alexa’s cousin, Anna-Grace, is getting married and wants to stay closer to her future husband and to get used to the community. Alexa agrees to have her stay at the bed and breakfast. She knows that Anna-Grace will be a huge help to the business. However, she also feels fear and guilt whenever Anna-Grace is around. She’s afraid that she will be pushed aside because everybody knows her mother’s secret–and feels guilty because Anna-Grace is the only one that doesn’t know.

In When Love Returns, Suzanne has decided to move back to Kansas even though the decision was not an easy one to make. She can’t help that she still has feelings for Paul after all these years. She also senses that he still has feelings for her. They have accepted their past and wonder if they could have a future together. Meanwhile, Suzanne has to accept that Alexa is a grown woman who needs to seek out a truth of her own. This hurts Suzanne because she’s afraid what Alexa might find and that the truth could take her away from her.

Kim Vogel Sawyer has introduced a very sensitive subject for an Old Order Mennonite family. There are so many emotions that this family has to experience. Suzanne’s mother realizes that what she did was wrong, but felt it was her only option at the time. She now has to live with the guilt of missing out on her daughter’s and granddaughter’s life. Suzanne has been hiding a secret for 20 years and afraid that the truth could hurt those she loved the most, including her daughter, Alexa. This family has had to put their trust and faith in God that he will help restore their family’s relationships and place forgiveness in their hearts. When they place it in the Lord’s hands, they realize that their faith and family is strong and they will be able to mend relationships over time.

Recommended for public and school libraries.

Trina Chase, CLJ